Welcome to Leah Waters Podiatrist in Moorabbin, Melbourne Victoria!

Leah Waters is a Podiatrist who practices out of the Pivotal Podiatry Clinic in the suburb of Moorabbin, just on Nepean Highway, right opposite the Moorabbin Town Hall.

Leah is able to provide a wide variety of services for patients from young babies to retirees.

Leah has been operating in the Moorabbin area for over 5 years now and has obtained a good reputation amongst the community for high-quality treatment of foot issues.

If you’ve been experiencing foot problems, it’s best that you see a Podiatrist for treatment or management of your concern.

Since opening in 2012, our Melbourne Podiatrists have gained a reputation in the Hampton East community for excellence in the treatment and management of foot problems.

Feet form a critical part of our bodies daily function and operation, but people don’t often realise this until they have a problem.

This means it is important that when you do suffer foot or ankle pains that you seek treatment ASAP!

Getting treatment means you can hopefully address any issues quickly and make sure that any problems don’t become long term.

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